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More TV this time BBC the treasure hunters

last week included diamonds, pearls, fossils & opals, with some non minerals treasures thrown in, next time amber is featured.

Yet another 'drama documentary' with rocks this time hunting for gemstone rough on the Discovery Channel Thursday 22:00

Allegedly the last found meteorite in South Korea was in 1943, since a recent shower on the 9th March a frenzy of meteorite hunter has entailed, the largest so far weighing it at 9kg. Already USA hunters are handing out business cards in an attempt to acquire some of the samples. However there's no provision in Korea law(currently) stating ownership rights.

On BBC4 Tuesday 11/3/14 Professor Richard Fortey presents the Fossil Wonderland series, the first episode is entitles 'Weird Wonders'

Rock n Gem Ltd have announced that the the October 2014 York Racecourse show has been cancelled.