Published Winter 2013

rock and gem magazine issue 62 winter 2013

This issue includes articles on:-

hydrogen Minerals,

quartz and chalcedony part 3,

nikon small world competition
meteorite & impactite jewellery

twelve essential crystals - Michael Gienger, book review
mysterious turquoise,

the shakespeare pocket - field trip

cutting concave gemstones with aston gems of california

After Munich show report

fossil news,

gemstone market report, general news, crystal shop & website directories, listings and letters

It's almost Christmas and I wonder what you'll all be hoping you'll find under the tree, I know myself after several months of prolonged building work and being 'homeless' I'll be asking Santa to help me move back into my house!
The winter months could be the perfect time to brush up on your photography skills in anticipation of next years Nikon Small World Competition, mineral pictures managed to place in the 'Images of Distinction' category this year but there's always the coverted top spot to aim for, see page 21.
If you're a keen faceter or like to see unique jewellery then head to page 36 to read up on Aston Gems, (Ed - I'm jealous of their kit) why not give one of their concave cuts a try.
We've also had look at Michael Giengers latest book entitled 'Twelve Essential Healing Crystals' available in spring 2014 on page 20.
Looking for something different well meteorite jewellery could certainly be a conversation topic, David Bryant from Space Rocks guides us through which meteorites to expect in jewellery, page 28.
Turquoise is probably one of the most widely known gems and holds a certain mystique, David Gibson gives us an insight into it's history and current day uses. Page 24.
We'd like to thank you our readers and all the magazine contributors who have given their time, knowledge and shared their passion with us throughout 2013.
Steve, Hannah, Jack, Max & team…


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