Published Summer 2002

Contents: Aluminium minerals, pebbles from the beach, books, news and reports.

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 Throughout history mankind has been fascinated by the beauty of the mineral kingdom.
This chart describes the healing properties of the most popular crystals to help you access their magical and transformational powers. Enjoy!
AGATE - A form of chalcedony found in many varieties and colours, exhibiting banded layers and unusual patterns. High;y valued in ancient cultures, this is a popular talisman for protection, good fortune and good health. As it connects our intuition with the earth, it is excellent for dowsing and use in earth healing . Promotes self awareness, gives stamina, strength and durability.
AMBER - A fossilised tree resin from pine trees dating back 20 40 million years. It radiates sun and solar energy. Transmutes negative into positive energy, promoting positive thinking and attitudes. A good luck charm for travellers. Activates the solar plexus and root chakra, amber revitalizes mind body and soul and helps to relieve depression. Supports physical healing and detoxification. Indicated for disorders of the adrenals, liver and spleen. Gives pain relief for teething children and aids healing of wounds.
AMETHYST - A form of quartz from a light violet to an amazing deep purple colour. 'The Stone of Meditation and Spiritual Guidance' Amethyst opens the crown and third eye chakra, enhancing the connection to the cosmic forces, spiritual guidance, visionary states and psychic awareness. Promotes a healthy spiritual lifestyle. Brings deep healing sleep, and helps reduce pain, especially headaches. Amethyst is essential for placement in sacred space,meditation areas as well the altar. The Queen of the Healing Stones!
APOPHYLLITE - A member of the zeolite family. Grows in 4-sided pyramid shaped structure, 'The Stone of Joy and Happiness' it opens the crown and the third eye chakra. Highly successful in relieving headaches and migraines. Eases aches and pains. Enhances dreamwork and helps to disperse negative energies from computers, It is a favourite for space clearing in Feng Shui.
AQUAMARINE - A transparent form of beryl ranging from blue to blue-green. 'The Stone of Courage', it boosts the third eye and throat chakra. It gives strength to deal with difficult situations, staying focussed under pressure and recognition of the truth. Fine tunes your spiritual awareness, bringing clearer insight and communications on all levels. Soothes refreshes and calms the central nervous system. Promotes creative expression, and courage in speech.
AZURITE - A light to deep royal blue mineral. 'The Stone of Wisdom and Knowledge'. It promotes deep spiritual insights and enhances psychic work. Azurite helps develop intuition, psychic vision, channelling abilities and access to spiritual guidance. A 'Decision Maker', it promotes decisiveness, self-confidence, self-expression and creativity. A stone of great depth and mystery.
BLUE LACE AGATE - A light blue form of agate displaying beautiful white lacey patterns. Gentle activator of the throat and third eye chakra. 'The Stone for Expanding Consciousness and Awareness'. Helps you maintain a high level of consciousness and promotes qualities of kindness, patience, wisdom and peace. Elevates you to higher levels of spirituality. It calms the mind and nervous system.
BLACK TOURMALINE - One of the best stones for protection and grounding. Absorbs negative energies from electrical appliances, and prevents nightmares. Placed around the home it protects the whole environment from negative energies, and so needs regular cleansing.
CALCITE - Found in a wide range of colours, often displaying beautiful rainbows. Works on different chakras according to the colour. Acts as an energy amplifier. Brings laughter, happiness and humour. Promotes spontaneous action as well as positive thinking. Helps reduce fear, strees and tension.
CARNELIAN - A form of chalcedony, ranging in colour from yellow and orange to red. 'The Stone of Action', it activates the naval and solar plexus chakras and enhances the flow of life force. It supports all forms of activity. It helps to overcome apathy, shifting you into action mode. Increases vitality and activates sexual energy. Recommended for disorders of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, neuralgia and M.E.
DIAMOND - The rarest, hardest and most precious of all gemstones. 'The Supreme Being' within the mineral kingdom. A Master Healer, it activates the crown chakra and aligns all other chakras. It expands and strengthens your whole energy field, helping you to reach your fullest potential on all levels. The most famous symbols of everlasting love, its energy assists in all relationship situations encouraging trust and constancy.
EMERALD - A member of the beryl family of vibrant green colour, 'The Stone for Lasting Beauty and Relationships'. Opens the heart chakra and attracts harmony and tranquillity. Improves the eyesight and strengthens the heart and the immune system. What a beauty!
FLUORITE - A transparent mineral often found in layers oof different colours. 'The Stone for the Mind', it helps with learning and absorbing new ideas. It brings order to chaos and inspires an expanded view. Attracts harmony and tranquillity. Good against flu, colds and sinus problems.
GARNET - A deep red stone also found in light pinks and rare greens. Activates the Kundalini energy. It fires uo the root chakra, boosting and energising the whole chakra system and giving you extra energy and endurance. 'The Stone of Physical Strength', it enhances love life, sexual drive and promotes good health and vitality.
HAEMATITE - An opaque silvery black stone of heavy weight and metallic lustre. Activates and energies the root chakra. A stone for grounding and centering. Brings into balance your male and female aspects. A high Iron content makes it beneficial for blood disorders. Also used for fever and high temperature.
JADE - An opaque stone ranging from white to dark green. A traditional talisman, a stone for good health, physical strength, fertility and longevity. Jade is also a dream stone - assisting in dreamwork. As a heart chakra activator jade promotes love, courage, wisdom and is often associated with Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy.
JASPER - A form of chalcedony most commonly coloured orange, brown to red. Jasper is a stone for grounding, protection and all aspects of health. Its 'yang' energy revitalizes and nurtures body and soul. It connects with the energies of the earth, making it ideal for dowsing, to connect to the earth energies and helping you to understand the web of life.
LABRADORITE - OFF grey colour, it displays spectacular flashes of moving colours in blue, red, gold and bronze green. A stone for mystics and psychics. 'The Stone of Destiny' it helps you to find your true path, enhances patience and a knowing of 'right timing'. Also called the Druid Stone. It helps you to access the Merlin energy.
LAPIS LAZULI - A classic deep blue stone with flecks of pyrite. 'The Stone of Self Knowledge and Self -Expression', it stimulates the throat and third eye chakras. It aids psychic ability, spiritual visions and insights. It helps you to overcome depression and to speak up for yourself. Boosts the throat, thymus, and the immune system.
LARIMAR - An extremely rare gem, a form of pectolite. An opaque stone of beautiful blue colour. 'The Atlantis Stone', it connects with the Lemurian and Atlantian knowledge. It's playful, innocent, gentle and intelligent (also named the Dolphin Stone). It activates the tree higher chakras, brings inspiration, imagination and understanding.

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