Published Summer / Autumn 2016


dear reader

It’s the 70th edition, wow... we’ve looked after the last 26 issues so it seems fitting to take stock and reflect on the way we do things.
Originally when we were asked if we’d like to ‘save’ the magazine we felt surprised and a little duty bound to ‘pick up the reins’ and continue with the publication, its opened up another facet of the ‘mineral world’ for us. Not just technically with organising the layout, e-mags Quark and Adobe but exposure to advertisers and contributors and experts of all sorts.
We have to say a big thank-you to Barry Taylor who is a main stay of the magazine for sharing his passion and knowledge with us, his latest venture being his own ‘mineral museum’. Also John Betterton for his in-depth mineral articles. Not forgetting those that have sent letters, articles and publications for inclusion & review.
Also thanks to you the readers who at times have had to be patient whilst the next issue has been delayed with various issues like printers out of business, broken promises on articles, approval for images and even the odd grumpy advertiser (in the past) The time has come for the Rock n Gem Magazine to migrate online, it has often been mentioned that change is the only thing you can rely upon, even the mineral world is ever changing, the magazine no different!
We plan to add updates, articles and news to the revamped website as and when received rather than waiting for a quarterly in print magazine, but all the usual sections will be present. With the current emag versions still accessible and the back catalog being made available.
This issue we have direct from Sri Lanka an article on sapphires(p4), a glimpse into the sourcing of petrified wood from Madagascar (p14), an informative article from Paddy on Irish minerals(p16). Whilst Barry shares with us some of his zeolites from India(p28). Also theres a sneak advanced peek at Judy Hall’s latest publication entitled crystal mindfulness(p45)
So as we head towards the busy festive season I hope you’ll join us not only on but also in the workshop, out hunting for minerals & fossils and sharing your passion.



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